Three steps to a consistent good impression

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Three steps to a consistent good impression

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Enhancing your influence by always creating a good impression.

First impressions count, we know that. Creating that vital first impression is a great start when meeting people and starting them on a journey to like and trust us. To gain influence then we need to exude a consistently good impression with our associates.

I always take pride in my appearance and yes sometimes I get it wrong but I always consider what I wear and what I say and how I behave towards others. When my consideration gets things right a good impression is created and my level of influence increases just a little bit. If you consistently do this over time, then your combined good impressions will significantly enhance the influence you have on the people around you. People say to me “you are the best dressed person here” or “I love the fact that you listen and the consider your responses”, if you are hearing phrases such of this which are in praise of the impression you are giving out then you are doing the right thing.

So how can we ensure that we give a good impression as often as possible and therefore enhance our influence in the world. I have come up with Three steps to a consistent good impression.
1. Find somebody you trust to ask how you look, this maybe a life partner or a business colleague or a close family member. The key to this is to ensure that they understand and value the fact that you want to make a good impression. It may well be that they always look great (to you) and hence you share the same goal here.

2. Practice pausing before you respond to things beyond simplicities, not a long pause but just enough to consider your response and to signal to others that you are thinking before you speak. You may have to exaggerate this to begin with so that you do it for long enough. Our tendency is to rush in, those who do not will have more influence as people learn to respect what they say.

3. Practice a giving mind-set. Consider in every situation what you can give. This could be time, expertise, contacts or even items and money. You will judge what the situation needs and what you can reasonably give to it. Those that have something to give and are willing to do so regularly further increase their influence in society.

In my experience these 3 steps to a consistent good impression will add to your success and happiness and will be part of you living an Influential life.

Have a great day – Julian

Julian Lewis is a portfolio entrepreneur; he is the UK National Director for Influencers International a global movement which inspires good people to create good business. He is also an Executive Director of BNI the world’s largest referral organisation. In 2000 he started his IT company Positive Computing which has been profitable every year since.