Masters of Influence expect a 80% conversion rate – do you?

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Masters of Influence expect a 80% conversion rate – do you?

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Stop selling, start influencing is a phrase you hear often within Influencers. The chances are you have already influenced people into buying from you, but you might not know why!

You know what I mean, that meeting that was a dream, so easy to navigate and then the person was enthusiastic about buying what you hadn’t really gotten around to selling. You leave with a spring in your step and will report to those who care that you had an amazing meeting – and better still it is likely to develop into a great client relationship… But why?

Naturally you will be upbeat for your next opportunity and perhaps that meeting will go just as well? Or more likely it will contrast with your recent success story and you will leave wondering what went wrong? You said all things that had been so successful before and the response is less than sparkling, even though they had expressed an interest in what you are selling. Why?

In some ways if you have been lucky enough to belong to a good networking organisation, you might not realise as great referrals often save you from selling. Of course imagine how many referrals you might get if you could explain what you do in a way that led to astonishingly effective meetings?

In the Foundation session with Influencers International you explore your behavioural style profile – this is a well-established system that identifies the preferred styles that people have and you explore this by examining your own.

As you fully grasp the enormous potential of understanding people have different approaches to buying it can be quite a shock to realise how poor you’ve been at selling. That is to say, however successful you have been, the chances are you’ve lost much more business than you’ve won.

Business Masters 1, which follows on from Foundation take your further on the journey, and you start to make sense of how this approach to selling – or influencing – is very powerful and you will explore how it applies to you, your business and will begin to have so many pennies dropping that it will sound like a Vegas slot machine paying out.

Business Masters 1 is about planning for your business next year and beyond, it is strategic and focuses on the learning you need in order to create and approach that will ensuring your influencing delivers results. (Business Masters 2 is about generating business tomorrow).

One of the most astonishing benefits of Business Masters 1 is sitting down with fellow delegates who will most likely have different profiles to you. Hearing one another explain how they think and giving one another feedback is a safe way to explore and cement the powerful learning.

Capturing your learning is easy in an impressive folder that lays out the material in an informative and intuitive way and is definitely not something that is going to sit on a shelf as you find yourself referring to it almost daily.

You do this because as soon as you start this learning you want to get out there and start using it and guess what? By the second session of Business Masters 1 you will be reporting back success stories of better communication and even sales!

It really is possible to stop selling and start influencing. It is more effective and a much nicer way to do business. If you study influence and become a master of influence you can expect a 80% conversion rate. What would your business look like then? 

Have a great day! Julian.

Julian Lewis is a portfolio entrepreneur; he is the UK National Director for Influencers International a global movement which inspires good people to create good business. He is also an Executive Director of BNI the world’s largest referral organisation. In 2000 he started his IT company Positive Computing which has been profitable every year since.