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Superheroes for Success

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Who is your favourite super hero? Do you think DC or Marvel? Do you think of comic books, movies or action figures? Maybe you watched cartoons or a television series with superheroes. Or perhaps you never really got into them because it wasn’t really your thing. Regardless, we are all familiar with the idea of a superhero!

Take for example, Superman. Most people are familiar with the man who is faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Many children pretend they have these super powers and even some adults. But what would you say if I said we all have a super power?

It’s true. Each individual has a natural ability that they are really good at. Some people may be very good at strategizing new ways to do something. Others may connect easily with others. For some it may be technology or spreadsheets. There are so many things that we as individuals are just really good at. Remember the thing that makes any super hero super, is that they are different than everyone else somehow. The trick is, tying it together with our why. Once we combine the two, we become almost invincible.

And yet, even Superman had kryptonite. That green stone, from his home planet took all his power. It left him less than average when he came into contact with it. We also have things that take our power. It could be something new in our business or field. Perhaps a client with a problem we are unable to solve. It could even be something at home like poor health or a family challenge or crisis.

Remember our weaknesses are also someone else’s strength. If we think of superheroes, they all have weaknesses and that is why they ally themselves with other superheroes. Together they are strong and complement each other so that they become a true force to be reckoned with! They need each other to be successful. Take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you know YOUR super power?
  • Do you know your weakness?
  • Are you trying to do it all?
  • Do you have a team that has allied themselves with you?

Depending on your answers, you may feel the need to take a little time for yourself to work out your own details. Discover your “why”, determine what you are really, really good at that is hard for other people. Then, find the right people to support you.

OR you could contact us at Influencers International. With Influencers we help you to identify what compels you, understand your own superpower as well as help you build a team of other professionals who complement your strengths. Together, you can achieve greater results faster…Superheroes for success!

Please share your favourite super hero and your special power below! I would love to know. And by the way, guess who mine is? 😀

Tara x