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We are a business organization that brings in essential resources and solutions that significantly improve our partners businesses through relationships of influence.

Influencers is about inspiring good people to create good business. We do this by bringing together world class thinking and blending it into a movement for people. This movement is spreading globally. For us businesses are people focused; that is where we start. We know that by working with great people we can inspire them to exceed their vision time and time again.

The movement is transformational in its approach to creating better lives for the “influencers” who are invited in to be a part of our culture. Each Influencer is guided through our program of education, a program which is constantly evolving as the world evolves. Once people have qualified to be an Influencer we group together in monthly Influencers Leadership Circles so that we can cement our learning, learn new things and expand our influence in our lives and in our business. Each year we hold many events designed to celebrate life and to refocus our personal and business visions.

Influencers is based on a strong belief: businessmen or businesswomen all around the world can build their own success. They can achieve it following our motto: “stop selling, start influencing”.

Influencers is based on a strong belief: businesses all around the world can build their own success. They can achieve it following our motto: “stop selling, start influencing”.

Influencers has been created to incite business people to improve as a person, and to apply proven techniques that increase his/her business. Hence our goal: “Good People, Good Business”. When you join in the Influencers Movement in each level, you realize that our team of inspirationalists delivers you a “commitment for life”. Does this actually make sense?

Aimed to improve your current life, with the firm vow that, meanwhile you stick with our values of passion, integrity and sharing, you will never be alone. You can be sure that our highly-skilled inspirationalists will help you to make your dreams come true and to make a significant difference within the community around you. You have my word..

Our Values

The world needs people

passionate about what they do

Be Genuine and stay loyal to your beliefs-

that´s the key of your sucess.

Inspire others with

your passion and energy.

Futuristic companies are those

who replace power with influence.


An essential role in the development and the implementation of the “Influencers Method”, is to be an INSPIRATIONALIST.

Do you have the profile of an inspirationalist?

  • If you are a Profesionnal with high level of  business integrity.
  • if you are a confident presenter.
  • if you have experience in leading a team.
  • if you are interested in personal and professional growth.
  • if you are willing to spend time learning new methodologies.
  • if you are motivated by innovative projects, with a high impact and high profitability, and above all, you want to practice and convey the influencers philosophy.

The real dimension of leadership is the influence.

Nothing more...nothing less.

John C. Maxwell

Global Circle Headquarters


Salvador García

Vice-President and CEO

Vice-President and CEO

Economist, he has a Master of Business Management and Marketing. His expertise as founder of Renombre and his strategic thinking, have been essential component in his carreer to develop the projects he was involved into.

Details-oriented, he believes in the correct implementation of processes in an organisation, so as to achieve results.

Sometimes, he shares his ideas and his passion about business in workshops and conferences. His motto: let inspiration comes in. Inspire others.


Pablo Piqueras

Vice-President and Director of Experience

Vice-President and Director of Experience

Pablo is innovative, creative and passionate about everything he does.

Experienced leader, he has outstanding communication and training skills, with a great capacity to design stategies and define a vision of the future.
People person, he devotes most of his time to relationships.

He created several companies and helped hundreds of businessmen and businesswomen to improve their business through consulting and conferences. His success prooves that from the combination between abilities, skills and capacities emerges an unstoppable team.

He lives now in Malaga, Spain, and is in charge of the Global Marketing and the Customer´s experience in Influencers.